Leica Geosystems Nordics

Leica Geosystems in the Nordics has a clear strategy of growing its business and improving its performance. Three years ago, the leadership team took an important decision in identifying the upgrade of leadership capabilities in the organization as the primary enabler for achieving the strategic goals. Leica selected Kvalitencia as main partner in developing its leadership teams throughout the organization. Over the course of three years, XX leaders have gone through Kvalitencia’s Developmental Leadership Training and in specific areas, Kvalitencia has also offered one-to-one coaching to support the continued development of individuals. To inspire our leaders to continuously focus on their developmental behaviors, Kvalitencia regularly participates in our leadership conferences that we arrange every six months.

One of Leica Geosystems core values is precision, and therefore we measure and evaluate all our investments, also also investments in leadership development. Every six months, we ask all our employees to evaluate the quality of communication, how collaborative our culture is and how developmental our leaders are. The results show significant improvements in all areas: communication has improved from 52 to 67, culture from 61 to 72 and leadership from 72 to 80.

I can warmly recommend to work with Kvalitencia as a partner to help creating real results in improving your organisation’s performance!

Mikael Svensson
Regional President
Leica Geosystems Nordics

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